"I found Josie to be very pleasant to deal with, she's detail oriented when issues came up she dealt with them promptly. Has a professional attitude and was very helpful in helping me with my choices in selecting the proper match selections!!!! Thanks Josie!!!!"

Joe Coniglio

"Able to professionally take on the entire Colour Selection Process with great attention to detail and accuracy while ensuring only the best results for the purchaser and the builder. Josie is very organized with a terrific work ethic which allowed Josie's purchasers to be easily guided through the overwhelming colour experience with ease and confidence."

Gerard McGroggan

"It is unfortunate that in the housing industry that only a small percentage of trades and consultants warrant high marks and admiration for a job well done. All of us face challenges everyday, how one reacts to those challenges is what makes the difference. If Josie didn't possess significant grit and determination she would have never succeded in completing her contract with us. She faced significant adversity in facilitating the task at hand, yet never gave up and always possessed a good attitude; she always persevered. Let's face it, this is a man's world in this industry and Josie can hold her own. In addition to Josie's character, she did a fine job of completing the upgrade work at two of our condominium projects. It would be my pleasure to work with Josie again, and I wish her the best in all her endeavors."

Harvey Russell
VP Ontario Region

"Josie was a pleasure to deal with at all times and I was grateful to have someone with the patience, time and understanding to deal with all my questions. She took the time to send me photographs, and also to answer in detail any questions I may have had. Being at a distance, it was extremely comforting knowing that there was someone like her on the other end."

Thank you.
Cecile Daillie

"A pleasure to work with. Professional execution and performance with sales and customer satisfaction. A great addition to our team!"

P. Manzo
Aurora Heights Development Inc.

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